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I recently purchased a new set of Solomon 24 and found that they are concave in the shovel and tail areas!  This is a major pain when waxing, and I assumed it was a screw up from the factory.  Perhaps they ground the bases too soon without a sufficient time curing..

I had them ground a bit, but didn't want to sacrifice too much from the edges and base.  Still a lot of concave in both shovel and tail.

Decided to give customer service a call and was told that it was intentional... supposed to be like that!

Anyone know anything about this?  I can't come up with a rational that would support this as a designed feature.  The issues with waxing alone would seem to be a deal killer for this approach.  Drip wax along the length of the ski in the normal manner, then run the iron along the base and it doesn't melt the wax in the low areas.  You have to run the iron from side to side to get it to flow out, then there is the challenge of scraping...

I like the skis otherwise, but don't know if I should grind them all the way flat or just deal with the waxing and tuning issues..

Any thoughts?