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Vermont Spring Break

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I am thinking of taking my son to Vermont for our first trip up north during his spring break, the 2nd week in March.  He is a border, but likes to cruise, so no parks for him.  


Thinking of hitting a few of the resorts and wanted to get some thoughts and feedback.  Thinking of trying Jay Peak, Smugglers, Sugarbush, and Stowe and during the week to hopefully avoid crowds.  Any suggestions on a central area to stay and any places you would suggest?  We don't need anything high end, just clean.  Also open to any other suggestions or resorts I may not have considered.  This is our first trip up north, as we have only skied the Mid Atlantic hills.  Starting to get very excited thinking about it.


Also any places to look for deals on lift tickets, or should we just get them while we are in the area?

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You certainly are picking the gems of Northern VT.


There is no great centralized location for those four areas, but you can do pretty well with Waterbury or Stowe.


Waterbury has a Best Western right at the interstate. In Stowe I would suggest the Green Mountain Inn. It is a great historic VT inn, and they may be running a sale the week you are looking to come.


From Waterbury/Stowe Jay Peak would be the longest drive, and the mountain with the least "cruisers" available.


Burlington would also be a descent centralized location. A slightly longer drive, but cheaper hotel and restaurant options probably.


If you have the ability to choose where to ski which day, make sure to check reports for Jay (make sure wind is not going to shut down lifts) and Sugarbush (check that Slide Brook is open: makes an easy escape over to Mount Ellen in the late morning or early afternoon to avoid crowds)


I live in Central VT, so I tend to stick with day trips for skiing here locally. Others might have a better grasp on the best low budget options in that area.

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That is a great week to have.  No crowds anywhere.  My son's school used to take the second or third week of March and we often hit Jay Peak and Sugarbush.  CentralVT08 has it right about where to stay.  Though since it is just the 2 of you, you may want to consider moving around a bit.  Jay often has really good midweek deals at their on mountain hotels and the main one has a good sized water park attached. There may be a fair amount of Canadians, depending on when Quebec takes it's spring break.   Ontario skiers tend to go to Tremblant and, to a much lesser extent, Whiteface.


Just anecdotal info. but we usually had midwinter conditions in northern VT at that time... often we would head south and ski our last day at Okemo and it seemed like that was usually much warmer with spring conditions and the mountain getting ready to close up for the season.


The hills you have chosen are, IMO, the best VT has to offer.  

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Thanks very much for the information.  Really looking forward to this trip and building some memories.  Looking forward to trying some glades-off piste, as we have both never done that before.  Mostly just stayed on the groomed ice :D with a powder day every now and then.

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I've stayed in Stowe and driven to Smuggs and Jay from there.  Not a bad drive to either if the roads are clear.  Sugarbush will be a bit of a drive.  Another option is to stay at Sugarbush and ski there and Mad River.  Much less driving.  As to tickets, definitely look for deals in advance.  The walk up prices at Stowe are going to scare you.  Start with checking the ski area websites for advance purchase deals and of course checking Liftopia. 

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