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Advice on Heli Skiing in Revelstoke

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We are a small group of 6 best friends who grew up skiing/working on the slopes all our lives.  We're heading to BC the first wk of March for 9 days to ski Revelstoke and Kickin Horse.  This is our first time to BC, but we've been going on these trips with basically the same group for nearly 15yrs, and Heli Skiing is on our bucket list.  Knowing from experience of working at a ski resort ourselves, a lot of the prices we find online are inflated and the tours are piled up with amenities and luxuries catering towards high-end tourists that might not be as worried as us about pinching a penny. Not trying to be Cheap-asses, just looking for the best value as far as skiing only.  Don't care as much for the picnic. Any suggestions on the best places to contact for stripped-down, bare bones hell skiing without all the extras and for the best price: Like who the locals use? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks, John from NC, USA

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Are you set on heli skiing? if not, you could stay at the alpine club of canada's asulkan cabin hut or wheeler hut, and do backcountry. that is the cheapest option and what most locals do...i actually haven't met anyone here who's done heliskiing in bc. I know some people who have done cat skiing...






they're both in rogers pass which is halfway between revelstoke and golden. if you don't know that area, there is a guy in revelstoke, doug sproul who is also a guide. and i think he guides tours out of the acc huts. he also wrote this awesome backcountry guide to rogers pass that i just got in the mail from revy: http://geobackcountry.com

its amazing. 


otherwise, i think about $1000 per day is about standard for heliskiing around these parts. i don't think you can do it for less.

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i just asked bf, and he says that selkirk tangiers does a 'no-frills' heli package - i think its 2 days for $1700, but thats the cheapest he's heard of around here...


hope that helps!

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There are several different heli / cat Ops in that region. I'd wait for good conditions and see if you can get on standby.
Conditions aren't very good now and some op's might be hurting by March.
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Sounds like a trip we used to do to Alta every year!


In Revi, there are three heliski operators.   If you want multiple days, check out this HELISKI.com blog post on the best heliskiing in Revelestoke


For single days, CMH just added this option.   Eagle Pass Heli-Skiing just finished a new facility that offers single days on demand.   Selkirk-Tangiers (STH) can sometimes accommodate single days, and it is the least expensive of the three.   If you can swing it ($1300/day Can.), I recommend EPH as they ski/ride in groups of 4, which is nice.  Let me know if you need more info. or help booking.






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Selkirk Tangiers is the best no-frills option for sure.


Don't discredit cat skiing either, it is much cheaper, and gets you to some pretty epic terrain.  In a year like this with conditions as they are (granted it can change big time by March!!), I'm not sure heli will be "better" enough to justify the cost increase. 


If you want to try an awesome no-frills cat-skiing experience, I can't say enough good things about K3 Catski.  David, Kris and Rod run a great operation... they have a huge tenure, and know how to use it, no matter what the conditions.  Might be hard to fit a group of six in, as they are usually sold out other than a seat or two available for day-trippers, but would be worth a call to see if anything is available when you will be in the area.  They do pickup from Revy, so that makes it pretty painless once you are already there. 

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