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Atomic Automatic 109 - mount question

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Factory recommended line looks too far back to me.

+2 feels much better when I step on them - at least optically.

Anybody tried skiing them with different mount point?

Thank you.

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Suggest you take some measurements, and a gander at the actual running length. Have a feeling that +2 will put you in freestyle territory, which is fine if that's what you want. Keep in mind that that long front end is heavily rockered. So most of the time, a lot of it will not be running length. My .02. 

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I’m not sure if standard method used for non rocker skis can be used here – there is a lot of rocker in front.

I put the skis flat on the floor and pressed down, then gently pushed under some business cards on both ends, then measured the distance and divided by 2.

Center of running surface (or center of effective edge in this case) was at +1, which means that my boot midsole mark would be at -5 (-4 if I do the same without pressing camber down to the floor) !!!???

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I read that on Automatic 117 some mount a bit forward (around 15 mm).

I guess not too many Automatic 109 skiers to share their experience.

I'm tempted to mount at least 10 mm forward - have to make my mind today.

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I have last year's 117's and the mounting point measured in cm's from the tail given in the factory tech manual is forward of the 0 line on the skis. I don't know if the same applies to this year's skis or the 109's. You should be able to find the manual online--I did--and at least see if the center line on your skis is at the recommended distance. I'm mounted on the factory line and the skis are easy enough for me to turn. I have no idea how they would be mounted forward but there are a lot of posts on various forums that do recommend mounting forward.  The Blister review of the 109's used the factory-recommended mount, but does that mean the line or measured per the manual--if there's a difference?

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Thanks. Went with the line.

When I placed them next to my Motives 86, tip and tail extended over Motive's tip and tail almost symmetrically (with tail being slightly longer).

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just picked up some Automatic 109's and they don't have the bit size/ depth written anywhere on the ski.  Is it standard 3.6mm x 9mm?

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The traditional standard is 3.5mm if no metal layer, 4.1mm if there is.


According to, http://www.slidewright.com/alpine-binding-mounting-drill-bits.php

the recommended bit is supposed to be printed on the ski.


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It's not terribly hard though, drill with the narrow one, then if any metal shavings pop up, drill again with the big one and tap the hole. 

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