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Hot Chilis, Hot Toddies, & now Hot...

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As reported in Sports Illustrated Women: It seems an inventor in Santa Monica has secured a patent for an electronic sports bra.
"The bra contains piezoelectric strips, which are woven into the cups; electricity flows into a resistor, which stiffens the cups, reducing the breast's movement and-as a bonus- warming them."

So girls; Whaddya' think?????? :
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So, what's next. Do they make one for athletic supporters. The wire heats up and becomes stiffer, providing more separation of upper body movement.

So guys, what do you think?
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Reminds me of the "massage bra" on Ally McBeal.

I have to say as much as a thermal wimp as I am...I never really suffered from cold boobies. Can I say boobies? [img]smile.gif[/img] Its probably because they do not have much surface area.

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