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My feet are killing!

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So I got married in 2002 and absorbed a bit of a family. Then wife did nothing and I dealt with the raising of two kids.


As a result I let my hot ass turn into a fat ass - going from 170 to 225. I'm 5-10 in height and consider myself an all mountain expert - skiing since I was 4 years old mostly in the Rockies.


I've also worked for a distributor, worked at a ski shop - so I know my way around.


Now - more to the point... In 2005 I grabbed a new pair of boots after a painful day on Ajax. I decided to move from a high performance Lange to a more comfort ride Nordica. I did so for two reasons.


1. I am assuming my fat went to my feet as well because I could not manage to run with comfort with a narrow Lange boot.

2. My oldest step daughter was 9 and my youngest was 3. Both were skiing and I expected that over the next 5-7 years I would be spending more time with them and not with my old ski mates. So I went with comfort over performance.


Fast forward to 2014 (have not skied yet this year), and I find myself in constant pain - barely able to get down a mountain without stopping twice. The pain is similar to cramping - very much like the first time I tried inline skating or got back on ice skates after being off then for 30 years.


Thing is with both forms of skating, after awhile I figured it out. I was using my feet for balance rather than my body which caused the cramping. After awhile - getting the hang of it, I was fine.


But with skiing - I know what I am doing so ????


I guess I am wondering - what is the life expectancy of a pair of boots?


Can I swap out the liners?


My shoe size has gone up a half but I think that's because of weight more then length - my toes are not cramming up to the front of the boot.


Should I just buy a new pair?



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The answer would be you need to see a bootfitter at a ski shop to discuss.

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What he said.  You need to see a knowledgeable boot fitter, not just somebody who happens to work in a ski shop.  I'm betting on your boots being at least one if not two sizes too big or you need a 100mm last and you got a 104mm last.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and check the Who's Who for a fitter near you.  If you live in CO there are quite a few around the state.

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If you gain weight your foot's girth with increase due to the increase of fat tissue. The opposite is also true, if you loose weight your feet will loose volume. I'm willing to bet that is the issue more than anything.
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If you have been away from skiing you may be trying to use your feet to balance like your inline skating experience.  My brothers feet hurt a bunch when he got back in to skiing.  Cramping at the toes.  Another thing to look at is how tight you are securing the boot strap and top buckles.  If you are tightening these like you used to tighten your Lange race boot, try loosening the upper boot some until you get the hang of skiing again. 

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Find out the best boot fitter in your area and call him or stop by his shop.
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-Touring skates are superb when skating with kids or when suffering foot pain.

-Custom footbeds or heat molded insoles can solve many problems.

-Also regularly wearing your boots a few nights before first day on the slope can be a nice investment, just stand in them and shift your weight around, let your feet and boots get reaquainted.

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