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Pain on the outside of the lower leg

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Hey Guys,


i´m having trouble with my new boots. They are a Daleboot VFF Pro with an Intuition Wrap Liner with a custom footbed.

The fit is pretty good, comfortable, snug and all. After one day of skiing, however, the outside of my lower leg (Left and right, though its more painful on the left side...) starts to hurt a lot.

Its so bad in fact that I cant really go skiing the next few days.


The last thing my bootfitter did was raising the heel, which felt good for my skiing but the pain still didnt go away.

The problem seems to be pretty much the same as with him: http://www.epicski.com/t/131037/lower-leg-pain-just-above-ankle-posterior


The motion of my ankle is not limited. (This question was asked in the other thread)


What I noticed is that the inner wrap ends pretty close if not exactly on the sore muscle/bone.


I´m going skiing again in 2 weeks for 6 days, so it would be awesome if i could resolve this issue till then. Would suck to only go skiing for one day. :D


Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance

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tendon, muscle, nerves, blood, all run down the outside of the lower leg in the area that you are experiencing pain.


yes, it could be the where the intuition edge comes to rest. 


what pisses that area off the most (besides the obvious, like direct pressure on the tendon/muscle) is subtle movement of the subtalar joint when it is being stretched or compressed. sometimes, if it is simply pressure, sometimes the area toughens after a day off, and its occurrence fades away. kinda like a spray bruise in the exact same area when waterskiing on a slalom ski. however if it is subtle movement below the ankle joint, the correct position of the heel bone and angle of the posting material is the most common solution. this would also take into account what your boot fitter has done with the angle of the boot board ( as in there should not being any additional varus or valgus below a well made and integrated insole or neutral drop in footbed, if that is your weapon of choice.



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Thank you very much for the answer.


If it is not the edge of the Intuition liner, how can I find out if my heel bone and angle is positioned correctly.

I can only say that it feels good while standing and snug in the boot. I dont have any movement as far as i can tell...


When i got the boots my bootfitter adjusted the canting using the replaceable soles of the daleboot.


Thanks again

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Does anyone have an idea what i should try next?
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If the boot fitter you have seen, can't come up with a fix, perhaps you should seek out a new one, he could then see/examine your boots/feet and set up and make an informed adjustment.  There is a list of boot fitters at the top of this section under the "Who's who in ask the boot guy's", is any one of them nearby?  Where are you located, perhaps we could suggest someone.



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Alright, thanks for the answer. I'm in Munich, Germany.


From what I can tell my bootfitter is pretty good, nonetheless this boot thing starts to be pretty annoying ;)

He suspects that the Intuition wrap liner is the cause for my pain and wants to try a tongue liner next.

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