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Help with my new "Creation"

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Okay, its only November, and I'm already hearing about medial knee injuries.
In the past few months, some of our new members are ladies, plus both genders are practicing Yoga. This leads me to suspect that quite a few of you may have hyperflexible, but weak adductor {inner thigh} muscles. And there seems to be a major focus on quad strength. The "ski mommy" in me is worried that some of you need some adductor strength.

This is a work in progress. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

If your gym has a cable machine, take the leg attacment and wrap it around your ankle. Come down into a squat position. As you come into an upright position, straighten your legs, drawing the leg with the attachment towards your standing leg.

Although ideally, it would be more ski specific if you could slide the leg in {you would need to be on a wooden floor with a hand towel under your foot}, I have a suspicion that doing that may be hard on some people's knee. So the leg has to lift a bit as it comes in, but try to keep it close to the ground.

I have not yet played around with trying this with a resistance band attached to a stable object, but this may be a possibility.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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LM -

I'm just not visualizing this exercise. : Coming up from a squat position but drawing the leg with the cable towards the standing leg?

scratches his head, sips coffee, squints, scratches his head....
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Ah the limitations of words without pictures. Okay, think of a slide board, or a ski machine. Lateral motion. The difference is the standing leg is stable.
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Do you mean extending the leg as you drop into the squat position and then retracting it as you rise?

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If you haven't seen and tried the Fitter, this is one of the excercises listed. It is set up for adduction/abduction, back "kicks", and I don't know what you call them, but imagine standing in a front lunge position, and having resistance on your front leg as you draw it back towards you in a sliding position. Whew...I definitely need a picture.

I just called Fitter(800Fitter1) and unfortunately there new web site(www.fitter1.com) does not have the excercises displayed yet.

As part of my general PT, I place the Fitter ski machine at an angle in front of a rebound, and while I am "skiing" I toss a ball (rotator cuff), and catch it mid body(stabilization of the core). I know this isn't your original question...but rather than imagining something, Fitter already does it.

I talk too much (excited about a new project-but later). Just re-read your post. Weird question...when do you use adduction when skiing? You abduct to hold pressure on the ski in a high force turn.

You adduct as a patroller doing side steps. Maybe you just need to use ankle weights and a step.With the band resisitance, maybe that's all that you need. Hmmm, maybe use a band, ankle weights, and three steps...progressive resistance!Up and Down?

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Actually the opposite. You start in the squat, with legs bent. As you straighten the legs, the leg that has the cable attachment draws in.
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If I understand the movement you are suggesting, when does it happen in skiing? Do you adduct while extending your body (standing)in skiing? Do you bring your leg in towards the centerline, or do you move your center of mass lateraly over the extended foot? The movement you are suggesting, doesn't happen if you are skiing in alignment.

So, what muscles are you using? I don't know. I know that you should have balance in your muscles, but is the excercise you want needed for skiing or for balance of body frame?
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Is the idea to strengthen a muscle group that may help prevent a medial knee injury?

By providing additional stability.
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Its not that the action is actually used in skiing, but the adductors stabilize the medial knee. The Fitter is an awesome machine, and the owner of thecompany Louis Stack is an awesome person. I was trying to come up with something that could be somewhat like it at the gym.
I do like the band and step idea, though. Feedback appreciated. Thanks!
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I think that LM's bottom line here could be that the thigh needs to be strong and flexible no matter what plane it moves in. Most gyms that have a cable machine with a leather cuff that will fit around the ankle and then attach to a low pulley. From there the entire leg system can be developed through an infinite number of planes.

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