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Skinning up the hill?

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Hi guys,
I just found out that a small mountain close by allows uou to hike ip the mountain and ski down, and for free if you don't ride a ski lift. This sound like a cheap way to ski and get exercise.
I have never done it before and don't know much about it. Is it a matter of just getting skins and going on up the hill? When you do this, do you skin up using your regular downhill bindings or do you need something else?

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You need special bindings. It is helpful to have special boots, but not at all necessary. It's definitely a great workout.
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It really depends on how serious you want to be. At a minimum you need a binding like the Atomic Tracker or Salomon Guardian and skins. Keep in mind that if you have to skin up a heavily packed run, you will have difficulty. It helps to have a boot like the Salomon Quest or some other boot with a walk/hike mode. If you want to get really serious about it, Dynafit bindings and either Scarpa or Dynafit AT boots.
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There's a thing called the Alpine Trekker if you want to check it out without buying a whole new setup. But I hear they're terrible. No one seems to use them more than once or twice. You should therefore be able to buy a used pair pretty cheaply.
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