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We timed our 2 days at Jay pretty well at the end of the MLK weekend. It was raining when we arrived Sunday night, but it soon turned to snow and basically didn't stop for 30 hours. Monday was a superb powder day. The 6-10 inches that fell overnight were a bit heavy early, as temps hovered around 30F at the base. But by 11am it was significantly colder and the wind blown new stuff was as light as it gets. I spent most of the day in the woods - Jay has amazing tree skiing. There was woody stuff to be dodged early, but by 4pm there was a lot less. Hardly a lift line all day - not bad for a holiday Monday.


Tuesday morning there was another 6+ inches, but unfortunately there was a howling gale too, which kept all but the two lower lifts closed. We played on green groomer free refill pow for a couple of hours, but by lunch time it was pretty obvious the lifts weren't going to open. And it was brutally cold, so we bailed. Wednesday would've been a good day ...


A few pics at