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Waterville or Wildcat???

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I am a pretty advanced skier.  I race for my high school, and I can ski pretty much any trail that I have seen in the east.

I really enjoy skiing at Waterville Valley, and can zip down all of their advanced trails.  This week I was considering skiing at Wildcat.  Is it worth the 3 hour drive.  Do they have as big of a selection of advanced trails as mountains like waterville, and cannon.  

Also, the lift system seems kind of odd.  Do the lifts make it hard to explore the mountain?

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The main chair at Wildcate is as new as anything at Waterville. Wildcat has a more diverse collection of advanced trails than Waterville, not steeper but narrower that makes them seem more challenging in my opinion. Waterville's terrain is steep enough (steep enough to host World Cup events) but they tend to be quite wide which makes them seem easier. Wildcat is gnarly. Pick a day when the sun is out and visibility is good and enjoy the view of Mt. Washington across the notch.

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Calling @wildcat hank for on-the-scene info about Wildcat.

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Sorry, I misread the post. I thought you'd said the lift system seemed old not odd. The lift system is not that different from Waterville Valley. Wildcat, like Waterville, is a compact old style resort where all the trails funnel back to the base of the main lift. More so, if anything than Waterville, which has lifts like Sunnyside, Northside and the summit chair starting from odd locations.Its not difficult to get around. Like Waterville, if you fancy one particular locality within the ski area you can ski it from one of the other lifts but the summit quad gives you access to everything. Weather at Wildcat can be severe which may be why the original summit lift was a gondola. Wildcat is a great place with a character of its own. Some of the older trails which are not necessarily challenging like Polecat are masterpieces of trail design in the old style. On a blue sky day when Mt Washington is clearly visible the view from the top is stunningly beautiful.

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