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Very interesting thread. I have been skiing  a lot of East Coast glades this season. Buying another ski just for the purpose. Freeski919 is right on the money from my point of view. I would consider myself an expert skier and find I enjoy the double black glades until the point  I get too tired and they become too much work.  Here is my simpler view of what Freeski919 was describing.


From a stopped position, I plan 3 turns ahead in my mind. The third turn should be putting me in a position to either traverse or pop into a more open or flat area. If it stays tight and steep I traverse a bit,or stop, and plan my next three turns. This assumes that its too challenging to rip through and keep your speed up. If not too challenging, Keeping looking a few turns ahead and avoid the too dense  spots.


I stop whenever I feel I need to and go very slow if needed. I usually loose my buddies in the very challenging terrain, or they loose me, but keep a general idea on what direction I need to keep going in to get back out. Its the ultimate challenge if you like making turns. I suppose if you like jumping off cliffs that would be more challenging, but I take a pass on that challenge.  I also change my planned line as needed if it doesn't work as well as I thought it would. I am always willing to go with the flow as needed.