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Tennis for skiing

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I read the fitness vs. athleticism post with interest. I am one of those who can't stand the gym, or working out anywhere, really. I am quickly bored. For the past few years I have played tennis to get in shape for skiing; rather, I should say, I play tennis, and that's the extent of my exercise program for skiing. [img]smile.gif[/img]

So, how effective is tennis as a preparation for skiing? If I were to supplement tennis with another activity to prepare for skiing, what should I add? I play 3 or 4 times a week, singles and doubles. Obviously tennis works the legs and butt in terms of balance and agility, bursts of energy, change of direction, that sort of thing. It's pretty good for cardio, although more like sprints than distance. I also occasionally do core stability exercises for the SI trouble I have. I also bicycle, but usually with my small kids, so I'm not sure it does anything for me.
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I love it when people are really perceptive! Thank you!

If you refer back to the functional training article, you will see that your tennis playing is improving your visual acuity, as well as your reaction time. It is an unpredictable activity, which makes it a good sport to cross train with.

Since skiing will involve some anaerobic sprints, you are raining in the right energy system. Even though your bike riding is low intensity, if you are doing it for at least 30 minutes, it can be considered aerobic.

I would recommend doing your core exercises on a daily basis. Since you are using your upper body pretty actively in tennis, I would suggest some rotator cuff exercises as injury prevention. {I"ll see if i can find a link with some pictures}

Our next step is to get your hamstrings stronger. A simple way, would be to lie on you back, with your feet on the bed, and do spinal bridges. Why do I recommend the bed instead of a small table. Less predictable environment.

Although people are getting sick of me talking about the Stability Ball, I usually recommend them for people who hate the gyme, since they can be used at home.
Check out the site http;//www.sissel-online.com They have exercises usin bands and balls for every body part.

Some of the stuff they are selling may be a bit pricey. if you got to my site http://www.LisaFitness.com I have a link called Fitness Shop. They sell the balls, as well as other stuff from a # of suppliers, so you can price compare.
Also, {saying shyly} you can support my going to about 5 conferences a year to bring everyone back this info.
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