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Salomon Xmax 120 half vs whole sizes (29/29.5)

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My feet measures 30.5 but I got a quite good fit in Xmax 120 29.5 with toes just touching when buckled up. I think though that I could have even narrower fit. Unfortunately the shop didn't have the 29 size. What is the difference between 29/29.5? Will the length of the toe box be affected? I have read somewhere that the liner will be thicker, but how much does that affect the length? I cant have any shorter boots.

Thanks in advance!
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what you read somewhere was fiction. did you perhaps read that on the internet?


there is no difference between a 29 and a 29.5 salomon x max 120. they are exactly the same.


the printed sticker on the boot and the printed label on the box are different, but the boots inside the 2 differently marked boxes are identical.



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In skiing boxes come in half sizes, boots unfortunately don't.  Boxes are cheaper than boot molds.



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Thank you for the fast replies! Now I know that I wont miss anything not trying the 29 size. I must say though I find the practice of labeling the same item different rather odd.
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Agreed.  We still debate why, and have different methods for dealing with it.  But in the end it doesn't matter .0 and .5s are all the same.



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as of season 15/16 and then on going you will start to see boot brands producing a box which say 29.0/29.5 (instead of 29.0 and another 29.5) enclosed in the box will be a 0.5/1mm shim to insert to "create" the smaller size


what would be great is if the manufacturers could go back to sizing boots properly so there is no need to drop a size for pretty much every skier having a boot fitted in certain models, the biggest issue we find is if the client finds the boot a bit tight and goes into a "resort boot seller" they are told that they have been sold the wrong size as these sellers don't shell check, they simply stand the client on a basic measurer and read the size off the shell

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Here Here CEM are you considering starting the petition?



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I have an additional question. I'm a little interested in the xmax 130 due to dismantable buckles, and the booster like strap. They have plain FIS soles though compared to the replaceable heel and toe lugs. Is this a major drawback? Opinions on pros vs cons for xmax 120 vs 130?
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The non-replacable soles are advantageous.



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