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Head of Fibula or IT Band?

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So on December 22nd, I wiped out in some crud at Breck, my ski caught and edge and I went down, my skis finally released but not after putting ample torque on my right knee area. Upon getting up I felt a bit of pain in my knee, but nothing crazy. I skiied the next two days on it as it didn't bother me skiing. It swelled up over the next fews days and then swelling subsided. After talking with a couple people who had recent ACL and MCL surgeries, I was told to RICE it until the swelling went down and then consult a doctor about an MRI.


Well the pain never developed to a point where I saw a doctor. The only pain I'd have was walking down stairs (minor pain) or making quick direction changes, like walking down the hall and realizing you forgot something and promptly turning around without thinking about it. By mid January I was feeling basically no pain anymore and things were 90%+ back to normal. I'd get a reminder once in a while if I really twisted or something.


Fast forward today, I went for a jog and within a very short time the pain came back, so I stopped. Initially I thought I sprained my knee, but the touch-sensation pain has always been right on the head of the fibula. The knee seems to have no pain. Having broken bones before, it sort of feels like a small fracture in the head of the fibula, but I didn't have a hard impact on that crash, mostly just twisting, although things happened so fast so perhaps I hit it.


Anyways, just looking for pointers. The pain is like a 1 or 2 on a scale of 10, but it's there when jogging or after long days of strenuous walking, bending, etc. It is solely around the head of the fibula. I'm wondering if it can be an IT Band considering it really flared up after jogging/running.


I'm also not sure what can be seen with a normal Xray (likely a break) vs a full MRI. If it doesn't continue improving, I may need to seek out a specialist, but with work I've been traveling a lot and just haven't found the need to sort this out as it's been getting better.


What other injuries can happen to the outside of the lower knee, top of the outside of the fibula while crashing skiing by catching an edge? I don't think it's the LCL or any knee issue being that only the fibula hurts.

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Since the Fibula helps stabilize the Tibia through its connection to muscles in the legs, but does not carry a significant amount of the body's weight, it's possible to have an injury that doesn't appear until those muscles are put to use. An X-ray should show any damage to the Fibula. I'd certainly consult an ortho. You can see the smaller Fibula in this X-ray of the metal holding my Tibia Plateau together:

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there's a pretty long laundry list of possibilities. If you are concerned go see an OS.  Best of luck to you!  

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