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Waxing Speed

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I have a question on waxing. After all the warning on not burning your bases, I am a bit paranoid about it when waxing. I have the right temp on the iron(wax dries just behind it), but I feel like I am rushing through it to make sure I don't overheat them. How long should it take to go from end to end on a ski with the iron?
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As long as you keep the iron moving you're not going to burn your bases. I usually do an initial slow pass to get everything melted, maybe 30 seconds tip to tail, and then do some faster passes to even it out. Using fiberlene paper is helpful too.
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Another thing that helps is to keep a very slight upward pull on the iron as you move it slowly along the ski's surface, so the iron isn't resting on the base, it's being pulled along lightly raised up.  


I wouldn't worry about it if the wax is only wet up to about 6" behind the iron.  Feel the topsheet, is it getting warm? It shouldn't be.

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Originally Posted by gmoney View Post
How long should it take to go from end to end on a ski with the iron?

Depends on what wax you are using.  I like the 1"-2" wet trail behind the iron rule.


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I always feel that distance thing is too dependent on the speed thing. Because clearly if you are moving at different speeds, the wet trail will be different. Prefer to be touching the underside as I iron to feel for heat, always understanding that you'll feel it first in the tips and tails, and that you might be spending too much time in a given area relative to a different area.
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