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new boots

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so i have a question about breaking in new boots, i have searched and search everywhere about wearing you ski boots in the shower to make them form to your feet.  i was working with a group of guys who have ski'd their whole lives and were warrantee people for a major ski company.  and they were telling me that they all wear their boots in the shower the first time so when they dry they for to their feet(not just ski boots but snowboard boots as well).... i've never heard of such a thing, and i looked at them all with a confused look and questioned their sanity. is there any truth to this? or is it an old wives tale? also if this is true, do they mean the whole boot or just the liners? as i'm writing this i remember overhearing some people talk about their work boots as well at a completely different company that isn't ski or snowboard related.

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Were warranty people, not anymore because people followed their advice and ruined their liners.


Ah, probably not but absolutely ridiculous advice.



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