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ski pilgrimage, snowbird vs jackson hole vs big sky

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Flying into to SLC for my annual ski pilgrimage Jan 31 -Feb 10,  weather appears to be not that optimistic, but I'm committed

I will have wheels and will travel to find snow. all things considered and if weather stays as currently predicted what is my best bet  for conditions.  thanks

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If you're willing to drive that far (Big Sky is at least 5.5 hrs) you can be well into CO if you drive east (Aspen for example, would be just over 6 hours).

I'd say roll with the conditions. All three you mentioned will be somewhat sub-average barring any major freak snow event over the next week. Of the three however, Jackson currently has the strongest base. 

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it's only about 16 hours to drive back to b.c. (sorry)

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whistler is hurting too

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Ill be there those same days also. I'm with ccohen322 and just rolling with, what it is, is what it is. I thought about Jackson and Big Sky but then decided I'm not driving anywhere.That kills a whole day of skiing and the snows not really any better up there anyhow. It might be a little colder but that's it, not worth the 5 hours of driving for me unless they get a major dump. After years and years of trying to book these ski trips months in advance i give up, from now on I'm booking two weeks out and going where its snowing. For a while i was looking at Tahoe glad i didn't book that one. You can always find flights and rooms at the last minute, even if it costs a little more its worth every penny to have a piece of mind. Last year we went out to Banff and it was the coldest its been there in the last 100 years, -40 below zero for almost the whole trip, two days after we left the temp dropped back to normal and it snowed for eight days straight. We still skied and had a good time but it sure was cold. Who knows something might change next week and it snows 2ft up at the Bird, no one can predict mother nature or plan a snowy ski trip months out. I'm heading out next week and going to enjoy every minute of Utah. I know one thing wining and complaining isn't going to make it snow and its sure damm better than going to work. Life is good.

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Originally Posted by ratfink View Post

whistler is hurting too

it is,  (just couldn't resist the barb) interior and rockies are not too bad

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life is good, never been a whiner or complainer. happy to enjoy every day on the mountain, my middle aged body after 8 surgeries still allowing me to ski at a high level. just looking for some current condition comparisons as i will provide for my area.

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That's still far out enough to hold some hope of a pattern change regardless of what the models are showing. The GFS finally has been upgraded, but is still most likely schizophrenic.  Watch what the 2-4 day GFS and Euro start to converge on and drive there (Jackson, or into CO) or stay in UT. 

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I think you'll be seeking out the corn and Snowbird's as good as anywhere for that.
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thanks for the constructive input

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