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Soul Love

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FInally got out on my new Soul 180's and was really surprised.  It wasn't really a day for the Souls with no new snow at my local East Coast resort.  But the sun was out and plenty of groomed corduroy.  I had agonized over 180's vs 172's (I'm 5'8", 160 lbs, expert 50 yr. old) and man I'm glad I did the 180's.  I had them tuned to a 1/2 bevel since I spend as much time out West as I do here.  I simply dialed in their desire to make longer GS type turns than my 87mm under foot Volkl Karmas and picked up the speed and they rocked.  I also got into the trees into about 4-6" of firmed up powder and though the trail was not steep enough to gather any speed it was clear how easily these skis wanted to ride on top of the snow.


I like, at times, to ski fast turns (ala slalom or mogul like or weighting/unweighting) for the purpose of getting a workout or controlling speed on a steep, long run and these skis do not cut it.  Too much effort…  They definitely like carving at their radius.  I found great stability and confidence on this ski.  None of that tip flopping and chatter issues that others have mentioned.  Yes they did not do well on a true hardback run but I did not expect them to, but I held well with the 1/2 bevel.  You just can't ski this ski flat on the hardback.  But as others have said the Souls need soft snow/corduroy at the beginning level or 20% on-piste specs Rpssignol claims.


 A ski that I did not jive with that I rented last year (DPW Wailer 112, 184cm) could not do hardback and corduroy very well for my body size.  So I was thrilled when I had a fun session on these on corduroy.  Yes there would be other choices for corduroy that would be better but these Souls will make a great one-ski quiver for me on my West trip.  


The combination of this ski and the Tyrolia Attack 13's made for a really lightweight set up allowing turns to be effortless and relatively quick.  As a side note a week ago I bought the 1st boot in the last 25 years that fit perfectly right out of the box and that's the Tecnica Mach 1 110…  This was my 1st time on this "new" rig and everything worked perfectly.


As a side note my buddy was skiing with me and he recently got the Soul 172's and the Rossi Axial 3 and it was great talking technique with him since we are equal size and ability.  However he is a tad older (60 vs my 50) and skis at a slower pace than me.  He was able to make faster comfortable turns than me.  At the end of each run he commented that I was simply skiing faster with less turns.  An interesting note is that the real difference in the 2 skis is basically the length of the honeycomb tips.  The 180's have maybe 3 extra inches of the yellow tip.  I think the running edges are very close...


In another thread I posted that my 180 Soul is actually a 177cm ski when measured "straight" from tip to tail.  His 172 is actually 170cm.  I read on Blistergearreview that the 188 is actually 165.5cm...


I felt no sense that the Soul was without balls.  For my weight I felt energy into the next turn, a strong sense of edge control and torsional stiffness.  Yes on the hardback the tips are essentially useless and never really engaging.  When I was in the trees they became part of the float and rising up on the snow.  


These skis live up to their hype for me!

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What you've read about the Souls having no balls is likely in reference to crud at high speed. Thats where they'll start folding up.
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