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Have italicized the relevant word. Bet most here, regardless of quiver size, spend most days on one of two pair for a given area. Or for that matter, just one. Seriously, that why it's called (drumroll) a "daily driver." The second ski is for either unusually firm (if you're a fat ski guy) or usually soft (if you're a narrower ski guy). The other, oh, say 5 or 8 pairs are for fondling, wish fulfillment, hopes of an epic trip ahead, some esoteric sidelight, like racing or skinning, or represent hoarding disorder (now recognized by DSM V). 

So true.  I'd expand the range a bit by adding a pair of rock skis for early seasons and bad seasons. 

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Yep. I'm on blizzard G-powers in 167 when there's too little snow to go off piste or skiing with piste only people. Otherwise it's mostly straight for the volkl twos in 176 for fun in the soft stuff.

If I was truly going for a two ski quiver I'd trade these for something rockered but a bit narrower and tourable like a bmt 108 and the blizzard for some stockli laser sl or GS.

Like earlier posters I also have some other toys but don't do as many days in them. My Scott The Skis are nice, but are only better than the two skis mentioned in bumps or hard off piste. And I have some 185 Cochise but are too stiff to be fun unless i ski very close to crash speed. Maybe I should try them again as I'm faster than last year.
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My two ski quiver of I had to pick out of what I own... Rev 85 and Blizzard Bodacious.
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Kastle MX78s (184)

Kastle FX94s (186)


Both are from 2011 (I think).

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My 2 ski travel quiver, which served me famously this year: 


Scott The Ski

Volkl Gotama


Actually, the Gotamas got left in Winter Park with my nephew last week, who decided to be a ski bum for the season. Their replacement, the 100Eights, should arrive any day now. I'll get them mounted up for one last Mammoth fling the weekend of April 16-17. The Scotts are a long term keeper.

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12/13 E88's which are very E88-ish and ski as E88's. Demo bindings. 


11/12 Icelantic Gypsy (Walrus graphic) which is a reverse camber 125mm waist soft snow ski that can handle itself pretty well on edge. When they're sharp. Which they probably aren't atm but anyway....


There's the truth: if there is 10" or more of fresh, I go with the Gypsy. If not, then the e88s. And then there's the truth: if there's 4" or more of fresh, I will probably go with the Gypsy (also depends on how tracked out I think it is or will become). Both could really be my everyday ski though, I'm just happy to have the choice. I got the Gypsy off craigslist (already mounted with bindings that happened to fit my boots) because they were a good deal. I thought the guy wasn't really asking enough, I was probably the first response to his ad. I did not haggle. The Rossis were demos I bough at MJ after I rented them for the day. Love them both. Given how versatile both these skis are, there is actually a good amount of hidden overlap in the 'quiver.' Is a 'quiver' of two really a quiver?


Someone on CL is selling more of my exact ski the 12/13 E88 for 150 with demo bindings; they have all sizes. I'm thinking of maybe getting them. Talk about overlap.

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Retro Day 2 ski quiver..




Scratch split tail and add The Ski TRS red for this weekend at the smaller mountain Big Air and end of season party.

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Head Strong Instinct Ti (83mm)
ON3P Billy Goat (114mm)
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Line Influence 105

ON3P Kartel 116


Ok, I admit the Influence don't currently have bindings.

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Two  ski  quiver.




K2 Amp Rictor 82 xti. 170cm  rips corduroy to 6in powder


Rossignol Soul 7 180cm surfs  4in to2 ft. powder

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Can I exclude my early season "rock skis"? If so, for this season:

(Rock skis, 8 days)
Hell and Backs, 169cm, 21 days
K2 AMP Rictor 82XTi, 170cm, 37 days
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decided to take this interesting thread into 2016/17:



Moderator note: locking thread to keep things simple

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