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Have an old pair of Soloman Course 9 (plug boot ??).  I skied on this boot years ago and it was great for my skiing.  These new boots are a 27 (vs a 28) and they are awesome.


Except for the lack of canting... My last boot was canted and this was part of the greatness of the boot.  I just took my new boots for adjustments and canting was at the top of my list.  He used toe and heal cants instead of grinding the entire length of the sole.  My previous correction was 1.5 - L and 1 - R.  He did 2 -L and 1 - R for my new cant.  Nothing was done for the cuff adjustment. There does not seem to be one on the boot.


Garrick from Steiner's (Albany area) did the work.


Any thoughts on this approach to canting.  One benefit might be the ability to easily adjust if need later on by swapping.


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