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Blizzard Latigo vs. Head Rally

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I'm looking for some frontside oriented skis to replace my Blizzard magnum 7.6, which I seem to have outgrown (fun, forgiving, but I cant hold an edge on steep hardpack with them, even with a tune).  Head Rally and Blizzard Latigo seem popular here and was wondering how they compared? I'm 6'1" and 185 lbs skied for 4 years (coming from snowboarding, over 15 years) and would call myself advanced intermediate. Mostly ski single blacks in the Canadian Rockies, hoping to expand to steeper runs and trees/bumps.


I'm stuck for the next couple of years on a hill that's mostly about groomers and manmade snow (Nakiska), so am looking to improve on hardpack steeps and skied out trees (often icy, by western standards).  my technique sucks, but hope to get better with more mileage. I don't need a ski with unlimited top end speed, and don't need great soft snow performance as I'll use my board on those days. I do want something better for days when it hasn't snowed in a week or two (which seems to be most of this year) that I can take on the steeps, trees, bumps but is still somewhat forgiving of poor technique. 


I demoed a 170 cm Head Rally and thought it was fun in the bumps and pretty forgiving and way better on the steeps than the 7.6 (too short for me?).  Also tried the 177 titan and thought it was even better on the hardpack/icy steeps and crud, but much more work in the skied out trees/bumps (not sure if that's mostly the length or the stiffness).  probably preferred the rally for the versatility.


Seen some great reviews of the Latigo on the forums here and was wondering how'd they compare to the Head Rally for the conditions I'll be skiing?  I assume the Blizzard 810ti would be too much work for skied out trees/bumps at my level, but haven't tried it and maybe the 770ti is too similar to my 7.6?


Any thoughts appreciated.

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You sound like an exact carbon copy of myself: skiing Nakiska while the kids are in their ski programs.  I have shortlisted both these skis as well.  I currently have Atomic Nomad Smoke Ti as my firm snow ski.  I hope you get some feedback on this forum.

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Hi - Not convinced any of the three skis you mention will have significantly better grip than the 7.6's, although all may be more stabile at speed. If it's grip you're after, on a hill of your size, I'd think about Fischer Progressors or Blizzard Power 800's. Which will also be very stabile, and more fun on a smaller slope. If you're more about versatility including bumps and crud and are looking past the next few years, then yep, then the skis you list are good choices to a point. That point being trees or powder, which require more width.
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