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Camber-Rocker-Camber base flatness

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Does anyone else with a CRC (or RCR) profile have issues with base flatness?  Had a shop check the base with a true bar, and discovered my board had a concave base profile... probably explains why ironing my board is such a PITA compared to my camber only board.


Ask customer service of the board manufacturer and the customer service rep had no clue.  I don't think this person has heard of a true bar before... as I repeated said true bar on the base.

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Really depends on what board manufacturer you end up with - some are much more technically astute about base bevels and side angles as well as board flatness. You really need to spend time to ensure that you are getting what you think you are.


Another area that I have issues with is getting my board tuned at a shop.I find that the level of expertise is quite low generally in the industry - which is surprising given that these areas really dictate the ultimate performance of any board. I now do all of my own tuning except for the occasional base grind - but you need to find a good shop for that as well.

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Both boards are Burton

Also had a forum seeker that was a pita to iron also

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I've never tuned a snowboard that was possible to get flat. They are ALL concave through the middle and then base high near the edges...  Infuriating.

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Try a Burton LTR board! They claim a convex base shape.

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