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gloves/mittens for 6 year olds that play with the snow?

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I've gone through several pairs of gloves and mittens for my 6 year old son. the gloves all say waterproof and some were gore-tex. But about a few hours in the gloves are soaked from making snowballs in the lift line or digging in the snow. and this appears to be an issue for his friends as well. does anyone know of a glove that stays dry for kids this age or is there something else I am missing?

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Nothing is kid proof be it water, getting torn up, or getting lost.  At pre age 10 I always had at least THREE pairs of mittens or gloves for each kid on any trip to the mountains.  That often entailed two pairs drying in front of the fire while the third pair was getting soaked!  Now that they're both tweens I'm comfortable only bringing two pairs per kid since loss is a little less likely.

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I'd focus on mittens.  Waterproof gloves often have the waterproof membrane inside the insulation.  Mittens are easier to manufacture with the membrane where it ought to be.  Additionally, it's easier to turn mittens inside-out to dry.


Kids often get snow in their mittens by taking them off and via the cuff when they're on.  In some sense, a mitten is like a funnel for catching snow, especially when it's dangling from strings.  Anyway, some sort of gauntlet that can be tightened may work, as would behavior modification.


People seem to like Hestra.  They are expensive and one pair I bought for my daughter was totally not waterproof.  This year, we're using Dakine and Burton, but there have been no hard tests so far.

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Mittens also dry faster because they have fewer compartments

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We like the obermeyer mittens with the cuffs. We have different mittens and gloves here and can't seem to keep any of the others dry. Gauntlets just don't work with little kids in my opinion.
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When I was little, I didn't understand little kids. When I grew up, I still didn't understand them. Then when I became a dad, I didn't understand them all over again. They're not goal oriented. A ski day is not a focused project for them, with skiing at the center and everything else emphatically peripheral until a different kind of project (sledding, snowball fight, snow angels) is formally initiated, at which point that activity becomes the be-all and end-all. They're just out there in the snow doing what comes to them from moment to moment. Thus wet mittens in fifteen minutes. Far as I can tell it's God's way of reminding us to relax and go with the flow. Have yet to succeed at that project. Meanwhile, when mine was that age, I figured you get two or three hours in on the hill and no one is screaming, it's time to declare victory and go home while everyone is ahead.


It's like having your six year old help you wash the car. You might have fun, he might have fun, and you might both learn something, but if you're expecting your car to be clean at the end of it you're deluded.


You want to ski, you make a deal with the spouse and go with your buddies.

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thanks for all the advice. i am finding putting toe warmer (the iron oxide packs) in the mittens helps even if it does get wet. it is atleast wet and somewhat warm. (the hand warmer packs actually get too hot for the little ones). was hoping there was a miracle mitten/glove out there for kids but I guess will just have to make do with the expectation that they will get wet no matter what. will also see if tightening the cuffs will help some.
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Seriously, try the obermeyer mittens that have cuffs instead of a gauntlet. They do stay dry for us.
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