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I know that most of you probably have hopes of your children eventually becoming skiers, as well as participants in other sports.

So please don't kill the messenger when I relay some information to you.

One of the topics discussed in last weeks sports training conference was motor development. A better title would have been:
"How the heck did we get so messed up???"

In the process of going from a crawl to a walk, certain muscle are developed. One of them being the famous transverse abdominal muscle.

But in a "my kid is better than your kid" world, parents are anxious to have their kids walking as soon as possible.

So they put their kids on these "baby walkers". Okay, so now the kid can walk, but they have not given themselves enough time to develop the muscles that will keep them in correct alignment in a standing position. So as they get older, they walk in a stooped position, and have all sorts of back problems.

To complicate matters even more, enter the Jolly Jumpers. It takes awhile for the muscles of the feet to develop properly. Can you guess what happens if an infant uses a jumping device before the muscles of their feet are developed?
Flat feet!

Did you know that in some cases, flat feet and back problems are related?

Not to rant, but I wanted to give you some things to think about.