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Goggle Advice

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I'm still relatively new to skiing, although I've caught the bug and want to go all the time. Right now i have just a very cheap 35$ pair of goggles i bought my first day skiing, Looking for an upgrade, here in AZ the mountain gets a lot of fog and cloud coverage, being around 10,000ft or so. My goggles would fog up to the point I couldn't see anything going down the mountain. I would like a brand or style that will eliminate that problem, ideal price range is under 100$ but ill go up too 200$ or so if worth it, just trying to get the best bang for my buck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

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There are  few threads on goggle fogging. Do a search it'll come up for hours of reading.


But it breaks down to


1) Are your goggles in good shape and have you not destroyed the anti fog

 1a) has a slidey vent or some vents on the front

 1b) Smith's have a pore that helps with moisture
1c) you did not ruin the anti-fog by rubbing or wiping them.  The interior lens is like a gel, you "wipe" it you are ruining it.  Ideally, you never touch the interior surface.  If you really need to, only when bone dry.



2) Are you dressed well so you don't generate excessive heat and not being a chimney with hot air going right to your goggles.


Still fogging? 

3) more drastic measures, aka goggles with turbofan.




The brand/style is less important, you still want goggles that fit well to your face and/or helmet.   If they don't fit well, and you end up needing to raise them up and down all the time then they'll fog up from your head.

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