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am I injured? (fibula)

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Thanks in advance for your help here. Had a kind of major crash last week where I effectively hockey stopped into a tree with my ski base. Ski is snapped. Impact was loud and initially felt like something major gave way. (I think it was just my binding releasing) 


Anyway, I was happy to see that I could put my ski back on and get myself down the hill and surprised to see that my lower leg was not even swollen or black and blue the next day. At this point, (4 days after) I have a faint feeling of pressure/pain on my lower leg (prob 2-4inches up from my ankle) that I only really feel occasionally when walking. (Have not needed to even take Advil) Also I can literally jump one footed on the leg in question without any pain. 


A few times in my life I have felt similar pain in the back of my legs. Once from overshooting a park jump on the way in from slalom training and landing super, super hard on the backs of my boots. The other from several days of leaning back super hard skiing really heavy pow. (First time was way way worse than the second and I had to take ALOT of Advil to keep racing that season) 


So net, I'm thinking that I'm probably fine and just over reacting mentally to the sound and concept of the crash. At worst it seems that I might have a hairline fracture but I'm skeptical of that bc there has been no bruising or swelling. 


Does anyone have any similar experiences?? I'm planning on skiing for the first time tomorrow and just taking it easy on some groomers. 


Appreciate any and all input! 

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You want people to diagnose whether you have a broken fibula over the internet?
My diagnosis- go see a doctor.
No 1,000 stories have much to do with your exact situation.
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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

No 1,000 stories have much to do with your exact situation.


A picture is worth a thousand words, an x-ray may be worth a million..

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