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Rossignol soul 7

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Hi. I'm trying to decide on a binding for a pair of Rossi soul 7s, and thought I'd see if anyone here has any tips!
I'm female, ski aggressively (ex racer) and 95% off piste, mainly in Austria and Switzerland, sometimes australia. I weigh 120lb and I've been skiing for nearly 30 years.
I demoed the Rossi soul 7 a few weeks ago in 172 (which is a good 10cm longer than my current ski...) and was super impressed. Now I just can't decide on a binding. I own a pair of marker barons which aren't currently mounted on anything but I'm concerned they'll be heavy on such a lightweight ski... I ideally want something I can ski with my AT boots, and do a little skinning with, but not a tech binding. I've thought about a marker tour or a fritschi but for primarily downhill they seem a little flimsy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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The Soul 7 is a great ski!  I believe if you buy a Rossignol binding the warranty doubles from 1 year to 2 years.  The Rossi Axial 3 is a great non-AT binding, lists at $199.

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