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Most similar resort to Sun Valley?

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We are a family with young kids who used to go to Sun Valley and loved it, but the flights don't work for us any more.


We loved Sun Valley for its kids' mountain, ski instruction, relatively low altitude (again, for the kids to adjust), and compact, uncrowded feel-- while still having a real town attached to it.


Would be grateful for ideas on which resorts in Colorado/Utah might have that same combination of kid friendly, reasonable base altitude, good ski school, and fun little town.


Thanks in advance.

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What about Schweitzer in Idaho? Base is like 4,000 ft.
It's what, 1.5 hrs from the Spokane airport?
Everything is going to be higher altitude pretty much in Colo, Utah

Park City is the obvious but that's almost 7,000 ft. base -10,000 top
Deer Valley is lower. 6,500-8,200 top
Sundance 6,100 Town of Park City abou 45 min distance

Aspen 8,000 base
Snowmass 7,000 base
Breckenridge 9,500 base
edit: Steamboat 6,700 base
Non Denver access:
Telluride 8,700 base
Created Butte 9,100 base

Your requirement for town and low altitude is tough.
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Steamboat might fit your definition.  Great kids ski school, the mountain has something for just about everyone, a nice town and the base elevation is 6,900

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Park City.

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Steamboat or Snowmass.

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Ah yes Steamboat! .
Blotted it out. I guess I'm still recovering from recommending it last year to you know who and they preferred Whiteface,NY.
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Most similar? I would toss Snowbasin into the conversation since they are owned by the same family and both resorts have a similar objective the way they treat their guests. 

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She wants a town. That's definitely the one thing not there.
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We are fans of Sun Valley also. I agree with the Park City and Steamboat suggestions and, if you are willing to go up some in elevation, Snowmass along with the separate beginner hill at Buttermilk tick all the boxes.
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It's not Colorado/Utah, but Timberline in Oregon might be worth considering--Portland's a big enough airport that flights shouldn't be a problem from most parts of the country, at least. Weekdays, at least, it should be very uncrowded; the lodge is really charming and has a big game room if the kids need distracting; and the elevation is about the same as Sun Valley. It's a very mellow ski area with fairly gentle terrain. I have no experience with their ski school--someone else on here probably does, though, if you're interested :)

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You said you loved SV for it's "kids mountain"--so you must mean Dollar? If so, maybe Aspen would be good for you. It's a nice town, and my understanding is that Buttermilk is a learner's mountain (can someone from Aspen confirm?) with a big kids' ski school and the park/pipe, so it sounds a lot like Dollar to me.


Neither Steamboat or Park City remind me of SV. They have the lower elevations, but they both feel a lot more crowded to me (esp Park City). Though maybe since you aren't going to find someplace exactly like SV, they might still meet your needs.


Have you ever flown into Boise? It's such an easy 2:40 drive (and that's going the "winter way" via Hwy 26) to Sun Valley. We just did it this weekend. But I know it can also be hard to get to Boise if you are east of the Mississippi. 

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I'd say Aspen, Snowbasin and Park City should be on your short list!

I'd also consider Jackson if you all are upper intermediate skiers, if you can ski baldy you will be able to ski enough in jh to have a lot of fun, and I always see the kids having a lot of fun either with family or instructors!
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