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If you love kittens, explosions, card games, and other things with a weird tinge this might just be for you! ;)



This is on Kick Starter and was fully funded in 30 minutes and broke 1000% in less than an hour.  Freaking amazing!


I'm a gamer and also a backer of this program.  (Which probably tells a bit too much about my personality.)  Anyway,  the Kick Starter began on 1/20/2015 and as of 1/22/2015 (11:30 EST) it has almost 68,000 backers and is worth almost $2,700,000.  I bet the originators are laughing and crying all at the same time.  Laughing because they have really hit the big time, crying because they now have to work their butts off delivering the product.  Man, do I wish I had their problems right now.


This might become the biggest Kick  Starter to date.  It certainly is one of the fastest growing.