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Getting my 3 year old into skiing (he's been watching ski-porn for 3 years now :)

Took him and he loved it - so wanted to get him some discount gear to save cost from renting.


Got him these guys:


The mention this "Noodle Ski System" (where you glue the binding to ski vs screw?). Although I'm trying to find out who makes this system, and not having any luck. Wondering if I'd be able to install regular bindings on these skis, or do they need a "noodle" system. Anyone know anything about these??


Option B - I use these skis I got from ebay for cheap:


But the K2's seem to have better design ("catch free", wider, rocker) - and seem cooler. Am I over thinking skis for a 3 year old?! Just stick with those Fischer's that were cheap to get through a few years? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!