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picking flex index (lange rx)

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trying to keep this in-bounds for the boot guys forum...


so as I related on the repair forum, I'm probably out of a pair of Rossignol Course E's bought in 1996 which have been completely awesome - learned how to ski in them, vs. the boots I had previously.  Looking at Lange's, per recommendations here as well as longstanding rep.


I am: 50 yrs old, 6ft0, 160lbs, male, moderate north Euro ectomorph (long torso, fine bones, upper and lower legs proportional, moderate arches, US 9.5/mondo 27.5, no bow/knock knees or over/under pronation, etc.)  Fit; I bike/jog/swim (not a triathlete) and work out in prep for skiing.  Can't think of anything else, pls ask if it's relevant.


I ski: home mountains in the Catskills, happy to scrape on eastern hardpack, playground is blues, working area is easy blacks, challenge is hard blacks.  If you know the region, I can get down anything at Windham, tenuously on the steepest stuff.  On flatter material my preference is long sweepers at speed, on narrower, longer skis.  Moguls bore me (sorry).  Been to Garmisch and Tahoe and found the wet mountain snow a challenge if ungroomed.  The inside-out ratings would have me as early advanced - fair enough.  Try to do NASTAR a couple times a year, hit a bronze once or twice, likely part of a comparatively humble population of competitors.


I benefited hugely from the quality and capability of the Course E's and will buy new boots that again give me more capability than my profile might suggest I need - I had room to learn into the old ones and will buy the new to give me same again.


All that said, I've tried on RX120's and RX100's so far.  I found the 120's were cozy and didn't feel like steel pipes, I could flex them in the shop.  The 100's felt somewhat sloppy and imprecise.  I'll be finding a place to try RX130's.  RS130's seem like overreach, and I like the fact that the RX have replaceable heel/toe pads (what's sending the CourseE's into retirement).  Any advantages to the RS vs. RX ?


I'd love to hear suggestions on how to approach picking flex index.  Couple thoughts:

* how relevant is being able to flex the boots in the shop ?  Very nice if I can do it there, how does it translate to the cold, esp. with what I've read here about them becoming energized (stiffer) once they're in the binding on the mountain.

* given my self-description, is a 130 flex index overreach ?

* with the bolts in the back of the boot shaft, I can tune down the flex from its named max, yes ?


Also, if the low volume models fit in the shop with my standard socks, any hazard to going with them ?


Trying to pick the sweet spot, and would rather buy capability that's excess now, that I can learn into over time, than put a cap on what the boots can do.


Thanks in advance !

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Boots will stiffen in the cold.  Better question is do you really need to have that much flexion in a boot during skiing?


No reason you couldn't ski a 130 if you like the stiffness.


9.5 US/27 Mondo is an incorrect conversion that catches people out that don't do shell fits.  Size 9.5 will measure 26 Mondo.



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