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Prettiest Skis of 2014/2015/2016?

Poll Results: Ski company with prettiest topsheets/graphics?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 10% of voters (3)
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Armada skis
  • 0% of voters (0)
  • 31% of voters (9)
  • 0% of voters (0)
  • 3% of voters (1)
  • 3% of voters (1)
  • 3% of voters (1)
  • 13% of voters (4)
    Line Skis
  • 10% of voters (3)
  • 6% of voters (2)
  • 6% of voters (2)
  • 13% of voters (4)
    If I missed one you want added, message me.
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Hey all, starting a thread of the best graphics the ski world has to offer from 2014 to the current 2015 season. Keep in mind these are all opinion based, with a poll at the end. So no hating on other people's preferences. I'll start by posting a few of my favorites. 



4FRNT Hoji's 2015


Moment Frankenski 2015


Line Sir Francis Bacon 2014


Moment Deathwish 2015


Volkl Shiro 2015

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I'm a big fan of what Rossignol did with their HERO series. The minimalistic look is something I have always liked. I was really surprised at how stunning it looks in person as opposed to an image online.


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I like how on the s7 the design flows so evenly throughout the top. To me, the hero its pretty aesthetically pleasing as well:D
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I'm a huge fan of Black Crows sense of aesthetics:


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Every manufacturer has "collections" of skis that just look awesome.


Blizzard-The All mountain flip cores, Latigo to Bodacious look great this year (and next) with their textured topskin and simple graphics


Head-Supershape series, like the textured graphics on the Blizzards, Head created a simple technical appearance here.


Scott-The Ski, need I say more?


Nordica-The NRGy collection is simple and timeless


Rossi- Sin/Soul/Super Clean and look good now and will on 10 years


Line-Supernaturals are real nice, so are the Opuses


Of the indies...


Icelantic- Travis Parr's designs always have me drawn to their booth at SIA. I respect the commitment. 

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The obvious is Skilogik, which is not on the list.  Any of the 130+ designs on the site look good.


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+1 on Ski Logik.  Works of ART.



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2015 Mantras not as wild looking.

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I recently got FatWife a pair of those in 178cm.  She really loves them!

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

I'm a huge fan of Black Crows sense of aesthetics:

Where are those from?
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Kastle's simple look predates the year range here, but their new models are still pretty easy on the eyes.


White Dot are nice too.


It is refreshing to include the new Nordica NRGy sticks after years of Patron-Soul Rider-Radict vomit looking graphics.


My first reaction to ski graphics is who cares?  I don't look at them while skiing.  But chair rides are a different story, disturbing imagery is not what I prefer.

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Another vote for Skilogik.

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The Head Joy series, especially the Super Joy. No, they're not pretty, but that's why they're attractive when compared with women's skis that try so hard to hit the "pretty" button. Minimalist, a little serious--though it's too bad the names are so hokey. I'm hoping I love them when I demo because they'd be a nice addition to the view from the lift.

Super Joy:

Total Joy:

Great Joy:

Big Joy:

Absolute Joy:

Pure Joy:
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You mean besides SkiLogic? Not really fair to include them--like Ted Ligety racing me. Line SFB are pretty nice.

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Tog, Black Crows are based in Chamonix. 

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

Tog, Black Crows are based in Chamonix. 
Jackson Hole Sports has some, Tog.... I'm on a recon mission you know.
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Originally Posted by JayT View Post


I really dig the new Billy Goat.
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Originally Posted by JayT View Post


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also I really like these from Praxis

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I like how Armada has used the Metallica font.


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15-16 soul Rider
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Its always hard to beat the gorgeous wood grain of Ski Logik 


But I have to say, I love what Blizzard did with their Samba graphics this year. 

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I get a lot of compliments on these Praxis.   Prettiest  I've seen were the cherry wood and steel Wagners from a few years ago.

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Zai is making some darn pretty ski...bordering on art, especially at the prices offered. 



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I've been getting a lot of compliments with these Wrenegades on my feet... they definitely pop in person...


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The 15/16 Wrenegades are great looking also:




ON3P has really stepped up their graphic design game the last 3 years or so.

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For me, the most beautiful skis are still the 2013 Line Opus:

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

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I probably have a weird sense of aesthetics, but I'm not really a fan of most designs featured in this thread. My favorites are:

Current Blizzard flipcores: adult mainstream ski graphics at its current best
Kastle MX and BMX: minimalist, simple and very distinct. The Apple of ski designs.
Stockli Stormriders: sophisticated gothic design for adults
DPS: Indie brand-building design done right, consistent between different models and instantly recognizable. Head and shoulders above every other indie brands in design department.

Sentimental favorites: SkiLogic, theSki.
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