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I measured 28 mondo on scale. Size 27 boot?

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On the plastic Tecnica measuring device I was 28.  I wear an 11 1/2 to 12 street shoe, never a 10 1/2 or 11, as the mondo to US size chart would suggest.  Does this mean I should be looking at 27 size boots?  27 shell fit gives me about half a centimeter behind heel.  Boots feel real short with liner.  A little more info: I'm 6', 200lbs, advanced to expert, aggressive skier, with thin lower leg.  Boot I'm looking at is the Mach 1.  Have had 2 different pairs of Tecnica's for last 15 years (10 yrs on current Diablo's which are 28.5.  Have loved them, but do feel I always feel I want to crank buckles really tight.

Thanks for your time.


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You are a Mondo 28, both in Tecnicas measurement and in the correctly done U.S. street shoe to Mondo conversion.



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Sorry for being dense, but does this mean that i should be in a 28 tecnica boot?  Or do I down size? Thank you for responding Lou.

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I had the 27.5 on tonight (28 not avail). They were pretty uncomfortable when standing in ready position (Like a soccer goalie) in boots. Flexing hard into tongue made livable, but i wont always be leaning hard onto tongue.  I like side to side quickness type skiing and bumps.

Now i'm back to 28. ?? wtf??? ay yi yi...

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how much room behind your heel when the boot fitter shell checked the size?



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HMMMM.  Tecnica measures you on their device as a 28, conversion from U.S. shoe size puts you in a 28.  Where have you heard you should go down a size?


Jim is correct that in the end it is shell fit that matters.  I think you'll probably fit the 28 best.  Either way why go down a size?



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There was about 5mm between my heel and the heel cup in the shell.  I couldn't get a finger in there.  I my be over analyzing it as usual, but that's why we are here, right?  It seems most of the posts or articles I have read, recommend starting off w a shell one size down from your mondo measurement.  I would be very happy w longer, more comfortable boot, but don't want to regret it in a season when liner packs out, although, toe area of Tecnica is made of neoprene and isn't gonna give me any extra room there.  Nowhere to go anyway, because toes are up against the shell.  I've tried the 28.5 and they feel better in the shop.  

Thanks again for your expert advice

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Don't know where you read that, I've never seen that advice and certainly don't use it as the rule in my shop. 5mm is damn tight.  If you don't mind your toes hard against the boot front or freezing them on cold days go for it.  Otherwise I'd do the 28.

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My feet thank you for responding. Your advice will be heeded. I'm gonna go with the 28.5.
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