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Marker Tour F10 binding - setup for alpine boot?

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I've just bought and had mounted a pair of Marker Tour F10 bindings to replace the venerable Tyrolia Sympro SP130 bindings on my all-mountain skis (Scott Crusades), on the basis that it's likely I'll be doing a little touring at some point (not massive treks, probably no more than an hour or two at a time). I'm a little puzzled by what's described in the (minimal) instructions as the "height adjustment screw for the binding plate". Do I need to adjust this to work with my alpine boots (Head Raptors), and if so, how? Basically what I'd like to have is a binding which feels the same as the Tyrolia, in terms of delta, if that is adjustable - but I suspect that's not what the screw is for.

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Take a playing card and place it between the boot and the anti-friction plate behind the toe piece with the boot clicked in to the binding. Adjust the toe piece height so that the card has slight resistance when you pull it out from between the boot and binding.

This advice is given to you by an idiot and if you follow it and it doesn't work out it's your fault and not mine. But that's how I do it. wink.gif
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The toe plate on an alpine boot and many touring boots (those with tech binding fittings) have different heights. Touring boots have a more rockered (and hence higher) toe to allow the boot to pivot when skinning uphill.

The screw you refer to adjusts the anti friction device to allow for both alpine and touring boots to be used.

I have Tyrolia Adrenaline bindings (which are similar in function to the Marker). Check out the Elan Adrenaline video on YouTube to see how the height adjustment works.
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Thanks, guys. There are some little card strips with arrows included, which are evidently for this purpose, but the multi-language instructions that came with the bindings are so cryptic and minimal as to be of no use whatsoever.

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Use the method Bob describes above with one additional step, if you find it is needed:

My son has the same binding and uses his set up with AT boots for the occasional back-country tour day with his "old folks" (:)), and after adjustment, with his downhill boots. I find that once I've tightened the toe piece for his DH boots, I need him to put the boots on, step into the bindings and rock fore and aft a time or two., then tighten the toe piece a bit more.


For some reason, there is a bit of play that the initial adjustment doesn't take care of. If I don't do that extra step, he pivots out of the toe piece way to easily.


This might be a unique experience, but double check your adjustment as described just to be sure.

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Thanks for the tip, I'll make sure I do that.

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