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Lange RX 130 questions

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Hi been a lurker on the forum for a few weeks and have been reading up a lot on boots. I have always had a rough time with fitting boots and getting one Im happy with. First off I measure at 26.5 MP and have about a 105mm forefoot, but have a very skinny leg/ankle I weigh 150lbs and am 5'11/6'0 . I have had boots fit at surefoot in the past which were great for 2 years but I have progressed out of them and am needing something a little more, gone through salomon ghost and x max 120s. I am a super aggressive skier, I have competed nationally in slopestyle and big mountain comps around north America. I ski lots of pow and am touring in a rossi alltrack. I had a blown knee last year so this year is a bit of recovery and getting back to where I was and I want my boot to help me stay on line and have the best alignment to keep me charging.


So this year I ended up in the rx 130 (wide) 100mm. I was in love standing in them in the shop, the heel hold was awesome, no pain anywhere and I was in the 25.5 a size smaller than what I measure. I have a good performance fit, barely get a finer in behind, but my toes are great skiing and have only had a few toe bangs on deep landings on jumps and landing a little backseat, I haven't done anywork to them yet. I am now proly 10 days in on the stock liners and have noticed my heel has gained some movement and I have had to tighten the buckles down a bit more. I took off the standard booster and added my own WC booster that I use with my other boots which helps a bit but still want that more secure, snug ankle hold. I do feel like there is a tad of room in the top of my foot/shin. and I do have some shin eliminators I could try. Another option I have is I got some sidas v2 high liners, that I have molded for my rx130s just haven't skied them yet. I noticed they didn't feel as good in the heel as the stock liners were out of the box. I basically just wondering if I am in the right boot, or if theres anything else I can do. I have a custom footbed and all that as well.


sorry for jumping around, first post here, just getting a feel for it.

thanks in advance

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Seems from your initial opinion of the boot that it could work.  Does anyone near you sell Zipfit?



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just looking the closest dealers would be you in calgary or whistler. Only thing is im not gonna pay full price if i dont have to, i work in a shop so I get everything on pro form.I have the sidas v2 high liners which are a high performance liner, pretty stiff, meant for race boots. doesnt look as cusshy I guess as the zipfits do. The first thin I may try is putting in some padding near my shin to help push my heal back.


I have some contact with lange so I may also consider trying a plug boot. Really happy how these boots performed the first 5+days of skiing. edge to edge it just feels like there is so much control. a minor movement relates right back to the skis. I just want to keep that feeling all the time in these boots.

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Whatever you like.  I sell the liners for the same price in CDN dollars as they sell for in the U.S. in U.S. dollars.



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Thanks for the feedback @Lou Rosenfeld 

I skied with some shin elminators in today that i had hanging around. put them between my shin and the inside of the liner. really seemed to help take up some more airiness that i was feeling before. seems like a simple solution just not sure how long it will last.


I skied one run with the sidas liners in and hated the feeling for some reason. my heel had to much movement and something just didnt seem right. I will keep in mind the zip fits as I will be coming into your area in the possible future and they have really caught my eye. just not the price tag haha

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Skiing at Louise has been good.  Interior BC not so, but that always changes quickly this time of year.  Stop in when you come through.



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I got a louise card to use for revy so that may come in handy. However I beg to differ on interior skiing. silverstar has had some amazing days this year. and for anyone who likes park skiing the setup is pretty good right now compared to any coast mountains.


back to boots though, skied another day with the eliminators and it seems alright, just gimmicky? another issue I have just come across is the flex adjustment bolts on the back have fallen out 3 times now. I only have 1 of the original bolts left. I searched our shop and couldnt come up with any other branded bolts to fit or any left over lange bolts, so had to used some screws with washers. Hoping they will do the job. I love the performance of these boots otherwise, minus the leaking and missing bolts.

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re bolts.. put some thread lock on them, people often forget that you are flexing agaisnt these all the time oes either have to check them every few days or fix them a little more permanently 

re liners, if you are feeling heel movement in a Sidas V2 classic foam, someone didn't foam it right!

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thanks @CEM I totally forgot about locktite. will do that for sure. 


as for liners 



those are the ones I have. could you explain how they didnt foam it right?

I did the molding process my self, and followed their video on the website on how to do it.

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ah, not the liner i thought you were talking about, the V2  the we sell over here is the V2 classic which is a PU foam injection liner

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