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Skimender RP360 opinions

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Hello all,


I saw that burning the P-Tex candles doesn't make a clean, quality and permanent reparation.

And I plan to buy the SkiMender RP360, unfortunately I didn't find too much information/reviews on the internet.

If somebody from here is using such a gun please help me with your opinion. 

I will try to wrote some punctual questions, but any additional information are welcomed.


- Should I wait until I have more money to buy a professional one? I saw some from 700 Euro to 2300 Euro (but I'm pretty sure that if you have 10 000 euro you can find one :) )

- I'm wondering if worth the money.

- What about strengths and weaknesses.

- I'm also curious about the P-TEX hole from the plate, how it looks (e.g. I cannot see a hole in the picture below). I'm a little confused. 

- Can you make a quality base reparation with it? (in comparison with lighting a P-Tex gun)

- How hard is to use it? (in the presentation video looks very easy)

- Do you have to clean the P-Tex from the plate? (will the P-Tex stick on the plate? )

- How much do you have to wait until the gun plate reaches the nominal temperature value? (Ready to use) 


A video or some real images with your gun will be very helpful.


I'm a beginner in ski/snowboard tuning, and I plan to use this gun for 1 pair of skis a day. (as an average)

Thank in advance for your help!

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I am thinking of getting one myself. I read the reviews at one site and they were all 5 stars, everyone loved it.

Would someone who has one please comment on this tool.

I see it comes in a kit with a scraper, I would also get a surfoam scraper. 


I have friends who own the professional gun in this link, and ones like it; it is a bit to much money for the few repairs I do, but if you are going to do a pair of skis per day it may be worth looking into.

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The rp 360 is a very good tool, a bit overkill for the average diy'er.  You can also do a nice repair with a adjustable temp hobby solder iron and wire/tape/metalgrip ptex for a lot less $$.  Theres quite a few threads on base repair in here.

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I think I have the older model. works great!

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I ordered one.
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