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Need recommendations for Alaska

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I'm planning to be in Alaska for a Heli-ski for one week, I'm already booked with operator from Valdez ASG. I would like to be 10 days before, I plan to land in Anchorage, I want to do the first 3 nights in quiet place near Anchorage. After I would like to do one week in Alyeska ski resort, to be ready to the Heli-ski, I'll be happy for recommendation for nice place near Anchorage, and to know if Alyeska is a good choice and if is a good idea Alyeska, where is a good place to stay near to Alyeska.

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Alyeska's a good hill and Girdwoods a nice little town.  The main hotel is relatively cheap and I've also stayed in a couple of the B&B's.

You do know they're not having a very good year so far?  But that can also change quick.

I'd probably pickup a few days of standby at CPG,  if conditions look good.

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In anchorage the captain cook is nice. It is like 100yards away from a great seafood restaurant Simon and seaports. The rooms on high floors have a good view of turnagain arm and the cook inlet.The hotel Alyeska is also a good choice. They have a saltwater pool which is good. I'm not sure if they have enough snow yet but if they do ski the christmas chutes. They are one of my all time favorite runs.
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