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I am skiing a pair of Xmax 120, in there 2nd season now, probably 40 days so far, Have older footbeds that have been deemed a little worn but still properly supportive to my foot.  I had the liners heated once but not the shells.  Size 24.5.  street shoe 7 to 7.5 (measured 25 ) mens D - E width.  took a stance and alignment clinic in December that the only remakable potential adjustment was a 5MM lift under both toe and heel of the right boot.  Initially I was very impressed with shims of 3mm under the boot but it was essentially my first few days on skis this year and eventually I remembered that stretching that recalcitrant right hip out helped to mitigate a less effective left turn but not fix it entirely


given the debate in a current canting thread, and my lack of resolve to really get properly physically fit, a character flaw I am well aware of, should I go ahead and have the sole of the right boot fixed to the apporpriate 5mm lift? 


What down side could I be facing having the shells formed at the same time, given that no significant measurement was off enough to elicite a "fix it now"response fro the folks that put on the clinic? and there were plenty of fixes discussed within our I have to assume I'm in pretty good shape.