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Race stock K2's

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I just bought a pair of 'race stock' K2 Merlin V's off of ebay. I'm kind of confused...they don't have the same 'cap' construction as my woody el caminos. They are also lacking the piezo light and I am assuming then lacking any dampening whatsoever. The graphics look like the 96-97 model (the first I believe). So what do you think? Are these for real or just a pre-production type ski without the same guts as the real Merlin V? Any info is appreciated!
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A Race Stock ski usually does not have the same construction as production skis. K2 stock skis are all sandwitch construction. The sandiwich construction makes the ski amasingly stiff and the peizio light was usless to begin with so it is not needed. Those skis will take a lot of muscle to manuver, i hope you are prepared to really drive them. I also hope that you bought them with racing in mind, as K2 stocks that i have seen and flexed are unbearably stiff for free skiing (A K2 rep offered me skis this year and they were world cup stocks, all sandwich with vertical sidewalls, and insanely stiff). They probably wont ski bumps well and if they do, you will risk bending them (lots of metal). I really hope you like to carve, or are a very large powerful skier, those things will ski like you are on rails, and will have the same flex pattern as a set of train tracks. Good luck...
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Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I am a strong skier, ex-racer but I still ski like one. I'm keeping my El-Caminos for bumps and soft snow...the Merlins are going to be pure speed fun machines (I'm old school and before the El-Caminos I was doing everything on 209 Atomic Arc RS Racecaps and a pair of Fischer RS Supers in a 212-even bumps.)
Please read my next post for my questions on the sad state of my bindings...and deflex.
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