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New to Jackson Hole

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Headed to Jackson Hole on a solo trip in less than 3 weeks. This will be my first time at JH, but the majority of my expereince comes from skiing Taos.

I'll be bringing my own gear (I'm a snowboarder) but I'd really like to demo some nice boards while I'm there. Can anyone give me some recommendations as to which shop is best to rent a board. I'd really like someone very knowledgable that can put me on the right board for me, rather than just a "here you go" I've gotten at most resorts.

I'm planning 4 days on the mountain. I've read that Grand Targee is a must. The resort I'll be staying offers transportation and a lift ticket to GT for $99 bucks. Would you guys say 3 days at JH and 1 day at GT is the way to go? Or should I stick to JH for all 4 days?

If there's any other helpful information you'd care to share, please feel free. I could use any help or pointers available. The waffles on top of the mountain are already on my list smile.gif
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I sure haven't @KevinF I sure do appreciate that link.
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Download to Jackson hole application for your phone. It enables you to GPS your position on the trail map.


Definitely the elk nachos at the Handle Bar at the base of the mountain!!

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That JHMR app is outstanding, thanks very much for the tip!
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