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Japan - Who has advice?

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So my wife and I are talking about doing Japan in 2 years for a couple weeks. Its not a ski trip necessarily, but we definitely want to take a few days to check out some resorts.


Anyone that has been have any good resources to check out or places we must stay?


In the limited research I've done, it seems like there are a lot of relatively cheap places to stay near some of the bigger mountains in little villages. Also, as far as getting around, is it best to drive, take trains, fly?  We don't have a huge budget.


Thanks in advance!

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I have nothing to add, but am interested to follow this thread!  JAP definitely on my bucket list!

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Transport... Depends where you want to ski. Train system is excellent, but expensive. Domestic flights are necessary to Hokkaido from Tokyo unless you have time and money to take a night train, which is really cool, but costly. Cars are convenient, but all expressways in Japan are toll roads, so it's more money, and gas is much more expensive than the US. then there's the right hand drive thing to get used to, and clearances are much tighter than the US. The bus from Chitose airport to Niseko is convincing and cheap. It really depends where you want to go and what type of experience you want. If it's Hokkaido, get there by plane and ride the bus. There are several resorts in Niigata that have easy bulletin train access. Small places near my Japanese 'hometown' are more convienent by car, but all are served by public bus routes. The right answer is 'probably' every thing but a car. smile.gif
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