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Well since there seems to be an interest, I thought I'd post the topic. We hear a great deal of talk about alignment for skiers. Sometimes, when they speak of this, people are either talking about boot fit, or quite often it is the dynamic posture someone use while skiing.
Although foot beds and boot work can correct some structural problems, improving day to day postural alignment can possible improve your skiing.
The pilates technique is characterized by controled movements that are coordinated with breath. It integrates flexibility, strength, balance , stability and alignment into all its exercise, as opposed to performing isolated exercises for each of these purposes. Some people like to call it "Strength with Length". Pilates termed his technique "contrology".

The philosophy of the technique revolves around the concept of the "Power house'. All movements are controlled from the core. Pilates instructors like to speak of an "ab/lat connection". We tell our students to pull up in the front and down in the back.

Consider your average ski student. Belly hanging down in the front, and shoulders hunching up from behind. Reversing this habit is essential for good alignment. A good deal of emphasis is placed on scapular alignment, which can lead to more efficient pole technique. Have you ever noticed how hard it is for a misaligned student to mive through flat terrain? Their center of gravity does not stay stable, and they are using more arm action than they need.

Both the equipment and mat technique have exercises for strengthening and aligning the feet and ankles. Instructorsare trained to see every detail of someone's alignment, much more stringently than most fitness trainers.

The cutting edge Pilates instructors use the stability ball, foam rollers, and other balance equipment to engage more of the transverse abdominal muscle.This makes it even more effective for skiing.
I'll stop now, since we have other Pilates instructors, and I'd like their input.
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