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Fitness - Weight Training

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I already do a fair amount of weight training, (4 times a week average, but only about 1 hour sessions since the school's weight facilities are only open that long). Anyhow, what are some exercises that will help my skiing (strengthening the muscles necessary for skiing).
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Everyone is going to gag me since I always go on about this, but make sure some of your training is balance challenged. This site will not give you specific exercises but will give you a concept of what to work for.: http://www.ski-fitness.net
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Barbells and free weights are more effective than machines, since you have to use your bodies own stabilizers.
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This article has some good stuff on periodization, but more and more, sport specific conditioning is moving away from machine weight training. It is still used, but more as an adjunctive, as opposed to a primary training module.
Believe it or not, for some knee problems, the leg extension machine is NOT recommended. Although the hamstring curl i9s a good machine, you need to do some strength training from a standing position, since ski injuries generally happen when you are, well staanding. It may be hard to feel the muscles, but a dead lift is a better choice.
I can't find the link with the photo, but one of the best hamstring exercises is the stability ball bridge with leg flexion and extension. When I find it, i'll post it.
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There are a ton of free weight and machine exercies that can help, and an hour on the weights can be enough, if you are busy all the time in that hour. If you are talking and waiting, your not exercising. Some rest between sets is needed but many people take way too long. Be setting up for the next emphasis area (i.e. Upper body, then legs, then abs etc...).

It also depends on what you are trying to develop for. Fast twitch (Big weights few reps few sets - strong weight lifter stuff) or slow twitch (endurance lower weight, tons of reps and many sets) muscle development. Check out some of the other stuff mentioned above you should be ok. But don't overlook a ton of other stuff that will help and do not require a Gym to do. Check Harold Harbs site for a lot of non gym stuff at:

Then try and get your hands on a video I think is called "Fitness for Skiing." Almost the whole video is on balance, aerobic, and plyometric exercies. If you can get through these you will be doing great. Also find a basic aerobic/anerobic that you can do to build up your wind. Running, cycling, roller blading, step aerobics, swmining, are a few that come to mind.

Also, take some time to do some tumbing. Simple stuff. This gets your body use to moving in unsual directions.

I generally divide my year into blocks for the major things I like. Skiing & Cycling. I then put together a plan and follow it to peak at selected times during the year. December - Ski trip, Feb. Ski week, Spring, Ride to LA from San Francisco. Summer, The "Markleville Death Ride", Fall virtual ski.

You also have to feel your body. What is weak after a day of sking? Then you need to identify exercies that will work on that more. Plus you need to do stuff you don't like. Curles may look great but doing step arobics or plyometrics at high speed may be better for you. My personal hate is pushups. I do them every morning and night and hate all 30 of them each time.

The short answer is you will be spending your whole life learning your body and researching the best way to maintain it for the fitness goals you have.


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Go top Fitter International in Calgary (4515-1st Street SE ) and buy a wooble board and use while watching TV. I would think 4 hours of weights a week would be enough. Go do some mountain trail running in K country - that will get you in shape.
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Great Stuff, everyone. Glad to see cutting edge concepts are finally going maintream!
Louis Stack of Fitter is an awesome person, and I believe [correct me if I'm wrong] former Canadian ski team member.
Perform Better http://www.performbetter.com does seminars on sports conditioning throughout the country. 2002 schedule is not yet on the site, but I recieved it in the mail let me know if you are interested.

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This one's worth a look too. This guy trained Tommy Moe & currently works w/ a few other USST memebers. His name's Gordon Stewart & he's one helluva nice guy.
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The suggestions are really good about the workouts but the one thing that stands out in my mind in you doing weight training 4 days on average per week! Please tell me that you do not do full body workouts each time. Because if you do you are not giving your muscles the proper amount of time to repair themselves there isn't a workout in the world that will help you. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Top gun, at my school there is not enough time for a full body workout everyday, so each day I excercise different muscle groups. That is why I need to go 4 times a week (which only adds up to about 5 hours total a week).
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As long as you are alternating muscle groups, you should be okay. Pretty please: Remember to work large muscle groups first! I go crazy when i see someone completely fatigue their triceps, than do something like an overhead press! :

I've said this in other threads, but be sure your absolute strength is not too much greater than your functional strength. If you can lift a certain amount of weight on the equipment, you should be able to lift close to that amount with free weights, from a standing position. Try doing things such as a one arm lateral raise, standing on one leg.
I know of many people who do a good deal of upper body strength training, but cannot do something simple such as carry their skis while walking from an icy parking lot!
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Here is a routine that works for a 4x week.

Day 1:
Back & Biceps

Day 2:
Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Day 3:

Day 4:

It's an old school routine but has worked for beginning and intermediate bodybuilders for years. Plus each work out only takes about an hour.

A variation of this routine is on the stewartsport site someone recommended earlier. Here is the direct link.
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Mike B, I'll call you Mary. You need to quit being a little girl and lift more weight.
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Mike B, Did you learn to ski at Cataloochee?
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