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Should I buy a new liner or new boots?

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I have opened a thread yesterday asking for a liner/inner boot recomendation, but now that I read the Bootfitting thread, the article from Lou's website and another similar topics, I tought that it was better to take measurements of my foot and start a new topic because I`m affraid I need new boots.


I have an 2006 Atomic MTech 100, size 28.5 cm. I accidentaly ripped off one of the liners tongue. So my initial idea was to buy a replacement liner. I use a custom foot bed made at Surefoot with electric heaters inside them, and I always use thin ski socks.


I have age 31, 92 kilos (202,4 lb) and 1.94 meters (6.36 ft) tall. My left foot is 28.5cm long and 107mm wide, right foot is 28.2cm and 111mm wide. I'm a "upper-intermediate" skier. I like to ski at the montain and also on powder. 


With my right foot inside the right shell, on the lenght test I believe the back of my foot is about 30mm far from the boot shell. I only measured it from the outside so I'm not 100% sure I did it right. I took a picture of my foot inside the boot, which you can see below. In the width test my foot sides are touching the shell on both sides, I would say a bit more than lightly brushing.


Pics (more info after them):


Right foot inside the shell.




Right foot


Right foot.



I actually always had hurting problems with those boots. They don't exactly cut my circulation but I usually have pain in the inside and outside arch. I also had pain in the bone marked with the red circle in one of the pictures, but I had my boot punched last year's season and this problem was solved. I always have to loose the buckles when I enter the lifts. As my legs are thin, I have to close the velcro very tight and the top two buckles almost at the max to keep my leg from moving inside the boot and keep me from leaning backward. I don't feel pain in my ankles, but if I close the last two foot buckles only a bit tight I start to feel the arch pain after a few minutes. And if I loose it a bit, I feel that my foot is moving inside the boot. I just can't find a balance to properly close these buckles.



So, I guess I need a new pair of a bit smaller boots? Maybe size 28? If yes, could you please recommend a model that I could use for both mountain and powder? I usually like to ski fast. I also want to keep my custom footbeds.


I will be skiing at Vail in mid february and I would my my boots there. It will be better if I could arrive there with some boot ideas in mind.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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No difference between a mountain and a powder boot.  30mm is too much space.  The bone you have circled is your 5th metatarsal, but it isn't that prominent.  From the top view it looks as though your navicular is equal to or even protrudes beyond your malleolus.  pressure from the boot there would cause pressure on your 5th.  Get on new boot, check for space between your navicular and the shell and go ski.



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So should I look for the widest, high volume boots? What about the size? Maybe a 27.5?
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you want to look for the correct size and shape boot for your feet.


width, instep height, length, and adjustments for boney protrusions can be adapted in any boot by a qualified boot fitter.


what that means is that you want to buy the boot that grips your entire foot like a firm handshake, without causing the foot excessive pain or nerve pressure. that includes the from the calf to your toes.


based on the photos you posted, a wide, high volume boot would be a terrible match for your feet and lower legs. what the photos show is that you have below average sized lower leg and ankles, and your feet look proportionally average in terms of length, and height. possibly a little wide at the 5th metatarsal head, but easy to increase space with a heat punch in any boot. also the swing of your toes is an easy shape for most boots on the market.


good luck,



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Hi Jim, yes I had my Atomic boot heat punched to relieve the pain on the 5th metatarsal on my right foot. It really helped but the arch pain is still there.


What kind of Last should I look for? 100mm would be too narrow?

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without measuring and only having pictures without spacial reference, i cannot make a last recommendation over the interwebz.


i can repeat that you need to be in the tightest most comfortable, handshake grip tight boot. you go into a ski shop and figure that out for yourself. ignore the pressure on your 5th metatarsal head knowing that any boot can be widened to accommodate that spot. focus on how well the boot holds your heel down and to the back of the boot.



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Ok, thanks for the help guys!

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