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Snowmobiling in Park City Utah

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Hey. This is my first post on the forums. I am soon moving to Park City and have been traveling there for several years. I do like the resorts in Park City. But I was also hoping to travel to Alta and Snowbird as well as Solitude and Brighton. I know it takes almost an hour to get to Alta by car. I was wondering if you can snowmobile from Park City to Alta and how long it would take? Thanks.

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That is a very unusual question, but am interested in hearing the answers. 

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It's possible to snowmobile from Midway to Alta/Snowbird: and


Park City to Midway is maybe a 10- to 20-minute drive depending on where you're starting and how bad traffic is, so snowmobiles probably won't save you any time, although they might be more fun. A more direct route would require, at a minimum, permission from PCMR/Canyons and/or Deer Valley to ride across their ski areas. I don't see that as very likely.


I have no idea whether Snowbird and/or Alta has any particular policy about snowmobiling in, and it's worth noting that you can legally only take the snowmobile up to the NSFS/private boundary line in Mineral Basin (Snowbird) or the ridge line at the upper end of the boundary at Alta--snowmobiling is prohibited on all National Forest land in Salt Lake County, and snowmobiling on private property requires landowner permission. 

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