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I think I got counterfeit skis.  

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I order 2 pairs of Rossi Soul 7's from Germany, shipped to the states. (After this is resolved I'll post from where (beware, where) but for now I'm still looking to confirm the obvious). I'd like to confirm with certainty that these are counterfeit skis.


I sent a message to Rossi with the serial # of the skis, both pair, all four skis, have the same exact serial number. A few days later Rossignol said they'd forwarded my request to Europe, and I'm not sure when I'll get an answer. I'd like to start the refund process with paypal, and contact the police in the seller's city (counterfeit skis can kill; i'm not taking this lightly).


If anyone has any knowledge of the situation please let me know. It seem obvious something's wrong here, but I can find no other reports of fake Soul 7's.


Thanks for any input.

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Are you sure you're looking at the serial number and not the model number? I don't know about Soul 7s. I know I have a pair of Rossi race skis where the model number is prominent and legible but the serial number is very faint and difficult to make out - it's embossed into the topsheet, as I recall (not in front of me now). This is a pattern I have often seen on skis from various mfrs.

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post pics.  i think it'd be difficult to counterfeit the honeycomb  (i.e., is this just a topsheet graphic of a honeycomb) and there maybe other obvious other errors


Also, did you get a too-good-to-be-true price?

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I haven't had Rossi's in years, but all my other skis, the serial number is very faintly etched into the side of the ski under the boot. Pics?
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Boy, that's a flashback. .. Still have those skis. In fact, they are my current favorites.
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Why would you order skis from Germany shipped to the states?  I would assume because there was a great deal. I wonder how much help you'll get from Rossignol. I don't know their specific policy but many manufacturers frown on international shipping of new merchandise, rather than purchase from a retailer served by the buyer's national distributor. My knowledge concerns guitars; Fender for example will not honor it's warranty if a guitar is purchased from out of the country, and will not supply merchandise to retailer's who ship internationally. Whether this applies to skis I don't know but I'm sure others on this forum do. 

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thanks @old goat for the input. since i was in germany i was getting completely different google results looking to buy. ultimately they couldn't ship in time to be sure i'd get them before flying out; didn't think anyone would care but good to know / consider in the future.

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Skis don't kill people, out of control skiers/boarders do..

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