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Gore was in pretty good shape on Thursday. The groomers all over the ski hill held an edge nicely, and the mountain wasn't far off fully open, apart from the glades. Some of the glades look sooo good, but just going to have to cross my fingers that they are open one day I visit. Twister was the pick of the high speed groomed trails - really fun. No crowds, sun, moderately warm weather, lots of terrain - a fun day.


We drove from Gore to stay in Lake Placid Thursday night, and by the time we woke up, there was at least 2 inches of snow in town. On Whiteface, it was cold, blustery and snowing hard. The skiing was excellent, but with the gondola on wind hold, it was tough to do much more than an hour without a break. Just before lunch the clouds cleared, the wind dropped and the sun came out. We skied until 4pm, and runs like Skyward, Niagara and Victoria were really excellent. I really like the long groomers off the Summit chair. If only it wasn't so slow ....


Both mountains need a foot or two more snow, but they are skiing pretty well right now.


Some pics at