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All, I am currently skiing in the Lange RS 130 and have been it for a couple of years.  I have a low volume "B" with foot with skinny calves, I wear a size 11.5 to 12 street shoe and in a 27.5 shell.  I have had some mods done (grinds and stretch for the length), so boots fit very nicely.  


Was curious if anyone might be to speak to how the Head Compares to the Lange volume wise. I believe they are both in the 97 with category.  I am fine in the fore foot, but looking for better ankle/heel and lower leg hold.  Seems like the Raptor might be a little narrower and tighter cuff. 


With the smaller shell it seems to better grab my lower leg. 


Also would be curious is they are comparable in stiffness?


I ski a mixture of hard and soft snow, and more looking for narrow low volume boot to wrap my low volume foot.