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Do I need a stiffer boot?

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I have Atomic Hawx 80 boots that I bought from a bootfitter at the beginning of last ski season while in the US.  I love the fit and find them extremely comfortable, but since the purchase I have made improvements with my skiing.  I would say I am somewhere between intermediate and advanced, and I am 5'11 160 lb/73kg.  I ski almost every weekend at the Honshu and Hokkaido resorts here in Japan.  


Usually I find for a certain tightness the boots will be fine on groomers and I can maintain my form well.  But for the same tightness of the boot, once I go off piste my ankles swim around a bit and I often lose my form in the deep powder.  However, when I tighten each clip by one notch, it stiffens the boot nicely to ski through the powder.  But then I go back on the groomers and the boots feel far too tight.  Should I be using a stiffer boot?  I want the optimal functionality, but I do not want to have to tighten/loosen my boots continuously throughout the day to achieve that.  

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at your size, weight, and ability, an 80 flex boot is way too soft.



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I agree with Jim, but it doesn't sound to me as if you have a stiffness problem.  Sounds more like a fit problem with your boots being too high volume.



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Thanks for the help.


I know this is a subjective question and probably depends more on what specific boot fits me best, but what flex would you recommend? Just by reading online I was guessing 100-110, but would like to hear from you guys.


If the boot is too high volume, wouldn't that be fixed by just tightening the buckles?

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Flex numbers aren't comparable but generally speaking probably a 110 or so.  But still if you try on several different boots with the same flex number the flex will be all over the map.


No you can't use buckles to tighten a boot that is too large.  You can only use them to gently snug a fit that is already correct.



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